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Unanswered DUI Questions Generate Fear

If you are facing a DUI charge in the 8th district court for Kalamazoo, you most likely have the following fears:

  • How am I going to drive to and from and during the course of my job if I get convicted?
  • Am I going to do more jail time?
  • How much are the typical fines and costs associated with my case?
  • How are the judges in Kalamazoo with DUI cases?
  • What are the policies put in place by the Kalamazoo prosecutors?
  • Do I need to stop drinking all together while my case is pending?
  • What if I have an alcohol problem and cannot stop drinking…where do I go next?

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All of these questions can be answered by calling our DUI Hotline at (269) 281-4003. An attorney will speak to you in person about your Kalamazoo DUI case and will answer your burning questions. There is no obligation at all and it is a free consultation. We encourage our clients to speak with other attorneys before making the important decision of hiring defense counsel to protect your interests.

8th District Court in Kalamazoo

The courthouse address is: 227 West Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo MI 49007

The main phone number is: (269) 384-8171.

You can always find out information about your next court date by clicking on the “court calendar” button and following the directions to find your individual case.

Go Directly to the Court Calendar Page Here

In the 8th district court in Kalamazoo you will typically be released from the Kalamazoo County Jail with an interim bond receipt and a court date to appear for your initial arraignment. Depending on the date you have been given and whether or not you had breath or blood testing, the court may not have your initial paperwork prepared when you appear for your first arraignment. You can click on this link to find out more about a First DUI Arraignment.

If you retain an attorney prior to your first arraignment, please be advised that the judges and the clerks will NOT allow a Waiver of the Initial Arraignment as contemplated by Michigan Court Rules and you MUST appear in person to make an initial plea of guilty, not guilty or standing mute.

Do Not Plead Guilty at Your Initial DUI Arraignment!

Our law firm has seen too many individuals plead guilty at their initial arraignment to simply “get it over with” because they are scared and embarrassed. In the Kalamazoo courts, the judges and magistrates are very understanding of your fear and will NEVER force anyone into pleading guilty. In fact, most will try to enter not guilty pleas for defendants and set them for pretrial conferences with the prosecuting official. However, a judge must take a guilty plea if that is truly what the person wants to do at their initial arraignment.

In Kalamazoo, the judges will always set the matter for a pre-sentence interview process with the Kalamazoo County Probation Department and will give you a sentencing date before you leave. One of the main problems with pleading guilty at your initial arraignment is that you are locked in to the consequences for the crime charged.

See our Michigan DUI Penalties page for more specifics about your charge.

8th District Court Judges are Fair and Impartial

The district court in Kalamazoo currently six judges and one magistrate handling the criminal court docket. Some are assigned to a different courthouse to handle traffic and civil matters but often they will rotate duties depending on orders from the chief district court judge.

The current Kalamazoo County district court judges are:

  • Hon. Richard A. Santoni – district court judge since 1997
  • Hon. Anne E. Blatchford – district court judge since 2005
  • Hon. Paul J. Bridenstine – district court judge since 2000
  • Hon. Vincent C. Westra – district court judge since 1992
  • Hon. Robert C. Kropf – district court judge since 1991
  • Hon. Julie K. Phillips – district court judge since 2009

The current magistrate for the Kalamazoo County district court is:

  • Nicholas J. Schaberg – Magistrate since 2007

All of the judges and magistrates listed above are fair and extremely impartial. In the 15 years we have been practicing before this court, we have not found any bias or prejudice toward Michigan DUI cases. The judges will hear pretrial motion hearings and will make fair rulings. Some of the judges have opinions on DUI cases such as alcohol screening, victim impact panels and whether or not probation is required for a first offender. Therefore, it is imperative that you retain a defense attorney that knows the local court system and tendencies of the judges.

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