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Ottawa County DUI Attorneys

If you have been charged with a DUI in Ottawa County, you need experienced attorneys by your side. Attorney Raymond A. Purdy and Thomas Smith both live and work in Ottawa County and know the court systems. Their combined experience will make sure that you can navigate through your DUI case with the least amount of impact on your freedom, your family, and your employment.

There are several district courts in Ottawa County. The first step that you need to take before contacting a DUI attorney is establishing the exact location of your court case. This will typically be found on the paperwork you were given after being released from jail. This list will help you to match your court case with the proper location in Ottawa County:

  1. Hudsonville District Court – 58th District Court
    1. Address:  3100 Port Sheldon Road, Hudsonville MI 49426
    2. Phone Number: (616) 662-3100
    3. Chief Judge:  Honorable Kenneth Post
    4. Chief Clerk: Cindy Daldos
  2. Holland District Court – 58th District Court
    1. Address: 85 West 8th Street, Holland MI 49423
    2. Phone Number: (616) 392-6991
    3. Judges: Bradley Knoll – Chief Judge; Susan A. Jonas  – District Judge
    4. Chief Clerk: Cindy Vander Peyl
  3. Grand Haven District Court – 58th District Court
    1. Address: 414 Washington Avenue, Grand Haven MI 49417
    2. Phone Number: (616) 846-8280
    3. Chief Judge: Craig E. Bunce
    4. Chief Clerk: Jami Speet

Each of these district courts handle their drunk driving cases in different fashions. You need an experienced attorney that has practiced in Ottawa County for many years to understand the court processes. Do not think that you can go before these judges alone. Your case deserves experienced counsel standing by your side at EVERY court hearing, including what many feel is a simple arraignment. Do not make the mistake of appearing by yourself for an arraignment and ending up in jail because you said the wrong thing or did not have cash for your bond.


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